POMETON TIR, Bor, Engineering services to the relocation and amendment of the electrical equipment in copper powder factory Bor
Copper powder protected from oxidation with purity of 99.5%-99.7% is widely used in industry processes  and products ( sintering, braking systems, contacts, welding,…).

In the reconstruction of production facility “ Factory of copper powder Pometon TIR “, Mikro Kontrol has performed the following:
  • installing electrical cabinets for monitoring and control (PLCs, touch panels, SCADA, frequency inverters and temperature controllers)
  • detailed electrical design 
  • supervision of electrical works
  • developing of supervisor and control software ( PLC, touch panels, SCADA)
  • commissioning, training and functional testing 
  • developing as-built design

The entire technological sector consists of  over 40 motors, 40 electro-magnetic and motor valves, and thyristor heater controlers power 3x64kW. Reconstructed sectors are :
  • electrolysis
  • separation and washing the copper powder
  • drying and sieving

The technological process starts by electrolyzing copper in order to obtain a suspension of copper powder and sulfuric acid. The suspension is transported by vacuum system to centrifuges. Centrifuge(machine) performs separation copper powder from the suspension as well as  washing and drainage. Copper powder is then transported to the part of the plant for drying. There the process of separation of copper powder by the size of granules is performed.

After commisioning, the new plant were  significantly increased quality and production capacity.



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