Oktobar 2018. The XIII International Conference on Surface Exploitation
The XIII International Conference on Surface Exploitation was organized by the Union of Mining and Geology Engineers of Serbia and the Yugoslav Committee for Surface Exploitation. This event was supported by the Ministry of Mining and Enegrity of the Republic of Serbia.

The XIII International Conference OMC 2018 had the following topics:

Geological research and work environment research
Development of a surface exploitation system
Improvement of technology and exploitation technology
Design and spatial planning in surface exploitation
Informatics, information systems, modeling and software development in surface exploitation
Selective exploitation, homogenization and quality management of mineral resources
Protection of surface mines from underground and surface waters
Recultivation of surface mines and landfills, landfills, and landfills of mining and municipal waste
Occupational safety, environmental protection and energy efficiency
Management, organization and management in surface exploitation
Legislation in mining

Mikro Kontrol was a participant of the conference, and representatives of the company had the opportunity to meet and communicate with participants and conference attendees at their stand.

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