SCP-C Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System
SCP-C is a digital Impressed Current Cathodic Protection system (ICCP). It may incorporate a variety of switchgear components. Hence, its vesatility is limitless.
  • Micro processor control
  • Internal interrupter
  • Input for external interrupter
  • Input and output lightning protection
  • Single (8/25A) or Three Phase (50A) units
  • Current rating: 8, 25, 50 Amperes DC (up to 3 parallel units for 150A) all at 50V DC 
  • Mode of operation : Pre-adjusted Constant voltage, Constant current, Constant potential (Instant off)
  • Communications – GSM, control setting and feedback
  • RS485 Modbus
  • Satellite communication
  • Water irrigation control
  • GPS for time synchronization
  • High resolution current and voltage adjustment
  • Built in LCD display with Voltage, Current, Energy and Potential measurements
  • System efficiency: 89% min
  • Variety of enclosure types with built-in accessories (lightning arrestors, etc.)


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