MIKRO KONTROL has huge experience and a large number of applications in the processes and machinery of black and colored metallurgy, metal industry...
Mikro Kontrol has realized the Project of Control system of copper concentrate and coil conveying systemThe Smelter factory produces anode copper from copper concentrate and the catalyzer; copper concentrate, the limestone and quartz are brought to the plant by train wagons, by trucks or by conveyor system from the filtration plant; the material is then transported towards warehouse, further towards the Flash Furnace, the Converter bunkers ...
After many years of production stoppage, „MIKRO KONTROL“ and „FOD“ performed control system reconstruction on „Copper anode casting 2“ machine in RT Bor – TIR. Production of copper anodes is reestablished and first plates left the factory.
Control system is realized with decentralized architecture; the heart is Master PLC, where the control algorithm is executed; PLC communicates over Profibus DP (optical cable) with 8 distributed and decentralized I/O nodes.
In order to reduce the failure diagnosing time, a monitoring system was introduced, which continually monitors the welding process and in critical moments informs which of the elements can be potential causes of failure, i.e. hold ups.
For the needs of „Kombinat Aluminijuma Podgorica“ MIKRO KONTROL reconstructed the machine for aluminium and other light metals slabs cutting. These reconstruction understood the designing, manufacturing of new electrical panels for electrical motor drives and control, programming and commissioning
Control- monitoring system installed on the unit for cooling weak SARTID AD RJ
Mikro Kontrol has supplied control systems for the chrominance line, which do the monitoring of Adjuster parameters DC 15000, 20VDC ...
The point of the project is to produce control and supervisory system with SCADA remote supervising application of the new-delivered installment for waste water filtration and sludge separation.
Oversight - control system include technological line of steel production in the converter 3 including a fan for exhaust gas converter and a pumping station which supplies the cooling system converter gas cooling water high pressure
We have delivered control system for furnace annealing great which had several requirements of the technological process
Automation goal is capability to finely position the limiter, in order to perform precise plate cutting to specified proportion.
The focus of this project is the Press for Metal Sheet Folding. Automation goal is the multiple angle setting (max. 10) per plate, in order to allow during the automated cycle to sequentially fold by different, user defined profiles.
This project includes replacemnet of the existing hydraulic mechanism with traction rollers with an AC servo motor with brake of 4.4 KW power.
Revitalisation of the aggregate machine for processing parcel like material, nine spindled, made by Italian manufacturer "Gnutti - Gruber".
Mikro Kontrol made the reconstruction of Ventilation System and Dusting off the Foundry of Copper Rolling Mill. The Dusting off plant is a system based on collection of gas and solid burning products which are developed through copper melting process and it consists of 12 electric induction furnaces, 4 foundry furnaces and brass swarf degreasing device in the Foundry of Copper Rolling Mill.
Mikro Kontrol task was to achieve contemporary and reliable control system, provide complete functionality and nominal characteristics and keep the previous commanding panel design
The basic demand of the customer was to bring back the machine by implementing the new control system. To bring back all the functions that it previously had before the damage. Mikro Kontrol's proposal was to carry out some improvements, by using highly stable and proven components for industrial conditions of OMRON's company.


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