TETRAPAK Production, Reconstruction of cooling facility and ventilation system

Based on a study of „AF-Infrastructure AB“ done for „TETRA PAK Production“ packaging factory in Gornji Milanovac (Serbia), Mikro Kontrol realized automation and integration of cooling facility into the existing central monitoring system BMS, to achieve higher energy efficiency.

Cooling facility prepares cold water to be used in both production process and cooling and ventilation system. HVAC system consists of seven air conditioning chambers for preparation of air for production hall. Cooling facility consists of two chillers, two cooling towers located on rooftop and two cold water tanks.

Monitoring and control system

Control algorithm for air conditioning chambers in ventilation system has been optimized by measuring humidity and temperature of exhaust air and outdoor air and by using information about current engagement and production capacity; these signals are acquired from production machines and integrated to BMS.
Automation of cooling facility optimized control of cooling machines and change-over between operation regimes; considerable savings in electrical energy consumption are achieved. The system is connected to the existing cooling chambers monitoring system through newly installed automation controller. Algorithms for control of air conditioning chambers AHU-1 and AHU-2 have been changed, based on current engagement of production machines information.

rtb_bor_cooling   rtb_bor_cooling

rtb_bor_cooling    rtb_bor_cooling


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