Heating circuit control system, NIS Gazpromneft Ovča

Within the contracted work, Mikro Kontrol performed purchase and delivery of equipment, production of working algorithm based on defined technological parameters and commissioning with attestation of performance during the process of exploitation. 

Heating circuit control system was made on the programmable controller platform designed for KGH applications with PXC 64 label, and the visualization and process interface were enabled through PXM20 dedicated panel. Regulation of water temperature was provided through delivery of regulatory three-way electromotive valves with VVF label and SKC actuator. 

Technological task that control system has to realize is to keep defined temperature of the outgoing water in heating circuit. 

Keeping the value of outgoing water temperature is achieved through regulation of the openness of three-way valves in which hot and cold water is being mixed so that desired temperature is reached.Hot water is prepared in boiler which works independetly from this heating system, while the set temperature is a functional dependency found as a result of measuring current outside air temperature (that function is also called sliding temperature characteristic and its target is to set higher temperature of water which goes into the heating process  when the outside temperature is low, and to set lower temperature of water when the outside temperature is high. 

System affects several heating circuits of measuring and control, whose function is mostly similar, and that is: 
  • Keeping the value of starting water temperature which goes out into a heating process by controlling and starting of three-way electromotive regulating valves (in which cold and hot water is mixed) placed on outgoing branches. 
Realization of control system project for new boiler room included the following:
  • Selection, delivery, programming and commissioning of programmable logic controller and HMI visualization interface.
  • Making instruction manual, training for operators, delivery of entire attested project documentatio
Benefits brought by control system are these:
  • Regulation  of process parameters is performed automatically. The system automatically regulates outgoing hot water temperature as a function of measured ambient temperature.
  • Very fast detection and elimination of errors in the system, since HMI monitoring system enables to visualize the entire process, display current and previous errors.


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