The product is stone of various granularity for use in Civil Engineering and food industry (sugar factories).
The factory's monitoring system F4 is based on Omron's CJ1 PLC and PC computer with implemented Omron CX Supervisor SCADA application.
The control system has been reconstructed by replacing the relay logics with OMRON hardware-based control system.
Control system for roll sampling and cutting.This system consists of measurement and control of cutting of isolation roll to defined length.
Mikro Kontrol has completely replaced the electrical equipment and started up the supervising-control system to ensure full functionality and monitoring of automatic transport.
Control system delivered, carries out several technological process demands
Realized control system provides detection of palette presence on individual input and output positions and based on those information, starts and stops individual electromotor drives
The computer system installed in MONTENEGRIN NATIONAL THEATRE - Podgorica has the goal to control 45 motor drives, with whose help the stage sets are carried out.


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