Manufacturer of machines for production of cardboard boxes recognized Mikro Kontrol as reliable partner who can satisfy the high standards set by international market. On the request of one of the largest German companies in internet sales, we have developed a system for applying glue and sticking tape on the cardboard that represents an upgrade for the existing bending cardboard machines.
Mikro Kontrol realized control system for PET bottles blowing, in cooperation with a partner company Inel, from Kruševac; Inel defined project task, projected and realized thyristor-based IR heater power regulators, while Mikro Kontrol implemented project task into desired funcionality of production line and all of its drives.
Delivered control-monitoring system with creosote oil impregnation of wood and was designed to provide the complex technical and technological requirements
Mikro Kontrol in cooperation with company "Tehnomatik" developed the control system for dozing and packaging of frozen fruit, for the requirements of "Frukom" company from Arilje.
Mikro Kontrol has in cooperation with "Tehnomatik" company developed a new generation of control system for coffee packaging machines, by managing to perform technical advancement of existing system.
It has been delivered the control system with micro PLC, touch panel and AC servo motor on coffee dozer's drive.


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