FAD, Gornji Milanovac, Monitoring-Control System of Universal Milling Machine with Frame Milling

Monitoring-Control System of Universal Milling Machine with Frame MillingUniversal console milling machine FU315/2 is a product of Prvomajska, located in the production facility of Automobile Parts Factory from Gornji Milanovac, is a tool machine that can be used in volume, as well as in individual production. Thanks to its robust design, mutually interchangeable horizontal and vertical head, steel parcels can be processed on it, cast iron or light materials, and with highest efficiency treatment of metal by chip removal.

The main builds and their functions on the milling machine are:

  • AC tool head drive with 18 gear speeds,
  • console with AC drive for shift along three axis with 18 gear speeds, electro magnetic contacts and brakes for allowing movement along three axis, hydraulic system for lowering the entire console for 0.7mm at fast movements and hydraulic system for canceling clearance at same direction milling,

  • group of eight fix micro switches on each of the axis that together with the adjustable limiters and control system allow general milling in horizontal and vertical plane, i.e. change of direction and movement speed along the axis in dependence to the position of limiters.

The old control system based on a computer system PS2000/1 of Fritz Heckert company from the former DDR was damaged due to low temperatures that ruled in the production workshop and all the attempts to eliminate the damage were futile.

The basic demand of the customer was to bring back the machine by implementing the new control system. To bring back all the functions that it previously had before the damage. Mikro Kontrol's proposal was to carry out some improvements, by using highly stable and proven components for industrial conditions of OMRON's company.

The new machine's control and monitoring system consists of:

  • programmable logic controller CQM1 with 32 inputs and 16 outputs and
  • touch type terminal monitor NT20S,

with performed machine's general repair, the machine's return to proper state is guaranteed, thus it can operate undisturbed.

The selected interface of touch type NT20S that can display a large number of data is organized according to ergonomic principles. The interface made possible additional functions that the old control system lacked:
  • organization and graphical displaying of all buttons and selection switches identical as it was on the previous control panel. Working personnel is easily trained to work on th
    e machine, using the new interface,
  • protection of unauthorized access to all menus that are important for machine's technologic functioning and operator's safety, by keying in the password that the operator selects,
  • servicing function, i.e. displaying the state of entire peripheral equipment on machine (limiting switches on axes, safety switches for machine's and operator's protection, rectifier's status, couplings and brakes, etc. )
  • in case of irregular states during machine's work, the alarm system shows the message about the error and the input address that caused the error on alarm's display, followed by tone "beep" warning and stopping the entire machine, until the error is eliminated.
Monitoring-Control System of Universal Milling Machine with Frame Milling
Monitoring-Control System of Universal Milling Machine with Frame Milling


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