ISTRA, Kula, Monitoring-Control System of Aggregate Machine for Parcel Like Material Processing with 12 Units

Monitoring-Control System of Aggregate Machine for Parcel Like Material Processing with 12 Units

The aggregate machine for processing parcel like material, nine spindled, made by Italian manufacturer "Gnutti - Gruber", 35 years old, was to such extent amortized, that its revitalization was necessary. Except the usual general (complete) repair, a completely new control system was installed, designed with components and devices from "OMRON"'s product range. All ending switches (that are of un standardized construction and whose price is pretty high) are replaced by contactless switches of E2EG series, specially designed for application on machines in metalworking industry. A control console has been installed, easily accessible to machine operators.

The equipment consists of following components:

  • Programmable Logical Controller CQM1-CPU41
  • Supply unit CQM1-PA216
  • Input digital unit CQM1-ID212
  • Output digital unit CQM1-OD212
  • Rectifying unit S82K-10024T
  • Link relay G2R-1-SN24VDC
  • Contactless industrial switches E2EG-X5C1
  • Isolation ring transformer 220/220 VAC

The program for machine's control is made with programming package SysWIN ver. 3.4, in standard LADDER plan.
During the Program's tailoring, all machine's vital functions were taken into account - work with lathing units, units for thread-cutting, as well as drum rotation - head, which carries the operated parcel in brake shoes ( devices for tightening ). This was a minimum that was obeyed. We have not stopped on this, of course. Taking into consideration the machine has not had pre tightening with foot pedal help, this function was implemented in hardware as well as in software. It is an important function, because it provides operator's safer handling and better positioning of processed parcel.

Further, the choice and placement functions are implemented into control system. The advantages of one treatment unit in comparison to the other one in any necessary combination at working with milling machines - treatment units for milling. ( By advantages, we assume the time delay reduced during milling operations sequencing ).

Special attention was taken to processing units for thread cutting because of specificity of thread cutting operation itself. Time at reversion - change of rotation course at thread cutting is precisely defined and constant. This directly involves the exploitation life of brakes, that is an ever persistent problem in maintenance and machine stoppage.

The inciting device was, also, tailored in new way. The console that is positioned at operator's hand is clear and all the elements on it are easily recognizable and accessible. A counter of handled parcels was installed, with special protection.


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