KOMBINAT ALUMINIJUMA PODGORICA, Machine for aluminium and other light metals slabs cutting

For the needs of „Kombinat Aluminijuma Podgorica“ MIKRO KONTROL reconstructed the machine for aluminium and other light metals slabs cutting. These reconstruction understood the designing, manufacturing of new electrical panels for electrical motor drives and control, programming and commissioning.

The instalation of the machine enables the storage, bringing, positioning and cutting of slabs and the evacuation of cut boards and chips.

The slabs are craned on the amortization table which is a part of the supplying transporter. This transporter brings the slab to the input table where it is positioned to the size for cutting. After cutting the cut boards are brought by output table to the evacuation table wherefrom are further assumed by crane.

On the machine it has been installed 16 electric-motor drive and more than 20 hydraulic valves. The engine and hydraulic valves controlling is done from the new operator control panel. The saw motor is run by the SOFT STARTER, but the input/output table motors are run by FREQUENCY INVERTERS.



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