USS Serbia, Smederevo, Control and supervisory system of waste water filtration and sludge separating

The point of the project is to produce control and supervisory system  with SCADA remote supervising application of the new-delivered installment for waste water filtration and sludge separation. The project task is to install and put into work accessory for flow, density, temperature and level measuring which with SCADA supervisory system enables correct functioning of the following technological units:

  • Reservoir in which by adding polymer in the inlet part  you obtain sedimentation of suspended particles
  • Sludge pumps – using frequency invertors you get  continuous adjustment of these pumps capacity
  • Stripe filter presses – they were delivered including  local control panels and motors equipped with frequency inverters. The capacity is defined by filter stripe speed. Moisture separating degree is defined by two factors: filter strip speed and pressure of the filter strips on filter cake. The pressure on filter cake is adjusted  by hydraulic from the local control panel
  • Polymer preparation and dosage unit – the polymer dosage is defined by inlet flow  into the reservoir and using that parameter the
  •  control system regulates output flow of the pump for polymer dosage
  • Compressor – delivers compressed air to the filter press and polymer preparation unit
The control and supervisory system has functions of control and remote supervision (SCADA) and collects signals of:
  • temperature from a temperature probe on the entering pipeline of the reservoir
  • position  of the electromotor regulating valve
  • flow and density from the coriolis flow meter
  • level from the reservoir level ultrasonic meter
  • status of the rake – position, error, rake  moment, lift position…
  • status of filter presses – function, damage, moment…
  • status of polymer stations – alarms, function…
  • status of compressors stations – function, error…
  • status of sludge pumps – start, top, alarm ..


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