A large number of references relating to mining machinery and processes in companies such as RTB Bor, Gacko, Kolubara, Pemeton Tyre Bor and others selected a new area of activity of the company MIKRO KONTROL: mining.
SPREADER 8800 is a part of complex investment project for a system consisting of a Bucket Wheel Excavator - Conveyor System - Spreader and Power Supply Transformer Station, all installed on the opencast mine "Field C" in Serbia. To increase the coal production capacity to designed 5 million tons of coal annually, a new ECS system with Spreader capacity of 8800m3/h loose mass, is put in operation on the opencast mine "Field C".
In the heavy floods that have happened in Kolubara basin many mining machines was damaged. Most of installed electrical equipment was destroyed totally. After water pumping out, electrical equipment refurbishment started. In this moment most of works is finished and most of the machines are put in operation again.
The project includes the reconstraction and replacement of electrical equipment on 20 machines which are parts of two ECS systems (Excavator - Conveyer -Spreader) within RiTE Gacko (mine and power plant Gacko).
„RT Bor group – Copper Smelter Refinery Bor“Control of copper concentrate and coil conveying system
Mikro Kontrol, Belgrade, in consortium with Siemens Belgrade, has successfully completed reconstruction all lines in crusher plant. The entire work included the development of the main electrical design, detailed design and as built design, delivery and installation of equipment and commisioning.
The modern solution of monitoring control system based on networked PLC devices and SCADA monitoring system.
We completed the first phase of „Crusher plant 2“ substation reconstruction. The substation is a part of Crusher plant facility located on the esatern field in Kalenić.
MIKRO KONTROL, as a Siemens subcontractor, has signed the contract agreement on implementation supervisor and control software (PCS 7 (DCS) SCADA) as part of "Project of reconstruction of cooper-smelter works and construction of sulfuric acid plant” for RTB Bor.
In the reconstruction of production facility “ Factory of copper powder Pometon TIR “, Mikro Kontrol has performed the installing electrical cabinets for monitoring and control.


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