DP KOLUBARA PRERADA, Vreoci, Reconstruction and Replacement of Monitoring-Control System of III Phase Dry Separation

Mikro Kontrol carried out the project “Replacement and reconstruction of control and monitoring system on facility of III phase Dry separation – Vreoci”. The project represents a modern solution of monitoring control system based on networked PLC devices and SCADA monitoring system. The project is carried out with controlling components of newest generation of renowned world manufacturer, OMRON. The system is implemented in record time, during the duration of scheduled maintenance and the maintenance works have not caused a single day of unplanned delay.

On UV2 facility, replacement of the old “PROCONTIC” system has been performed that consisted of four units of capacity of 256 inputs / outputs each. The new system is implemented based on one PLC of corresponding capacity with specific improvements and function expansions. First of all, this relates to increased safety and signaling during some of the lines starting, more exactly automatic starting after stoppage. In the installation and in the dispatcher’s room, graphic touch operator panels are installed, on which process visualization is provided, complete diagnostics and alarm displaying. The PLC configuration allows the reception of current and temperature measurements of motor coils.

On installation Daily bunker, control system reconstruction has been carried out. The preceding relay logic has been replaced with PLC devices. The gliding train and each of the “aside shovelers” are controlled with one PLC. Here is the PLC configuration that is intended for common functions and contains measuring inputs for level signals in individual cells of Daily bunker, motor’s currents and temperatures.

On Loading place installation, PLC system with corresponding measurement inputs for motor coil’s currents and temperatures signals is implemented. A graphic operator touch panel for diagnostics and visualization needs exists.

In the Administration building and in Maintenance rooms, monitoring SCADA applications are carried out. Besides visualization, parameters necessary for quality monitoring of working processes and control system itself are on disposal.

As PLC network, “Controller Link” is selected, because of outstanding performances in operating and multiple advantages that offers in system maintenance. As SCADA network, Ethernet is used. The cabling of control system is carried out with optic fibers, to assure higher reliability during operation. From all locations of the system, it is possible to monitor, perform diagnostics and programmer interventions on each PLC device in the network.

For the delivered system, Mikro Kontrol provides full technical support and spare parts during and after the warranty period.



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