RTB Bor, Project of reconstruction of cooper-smelter works and construction of sulfuric acid plant

In March 2011 MIKRO KONTROL, as a Siemens subcontractor, has signed the contract agreement on implementation   supervisor and control software (PCS 7 (DCS) SCADA)  as part of "Project of reconstruction of cooper-smelter works  and construction of  sulfuric acid plant” for RTB Bor.

The complete work is divided in:
  • detailed electrical design
  • installing electrical cabinets
  • developing PCS 7 application software
  • commissioning and training
  • as-built design

RTB Bor                              RTB Bor

The new supervisor and control system is  installed on the line 1 of cooper-smelter works  and is connected to existing process equipment and includes the following components:

  • reactor
  • flame furnace and heating furnace
  • boiler
  • filters

Implemented  supervisor and control system is based on Siemens SIMATIC PCS7 DCS system. It consists of  AS (Automation station) based on S7-400 PLC.  Task of AS is to execute the control algorithm and to communicate with decentralized nodes via the Profibus DP. Since the nature of the production process does not tolerate faults and stopping there are two redudant server OS (Operator Station), that  communicate  over  Industrial Ethernet with each other and with AS, making together Plant bus. WINCC SCADA aplication is running in the OS server with two monitors for operator control and monitoring. Process picture and runtime information can be displayed on each monitor simultaneously during runtime. The system includes the ES (Engineering Station) of the Simatic PCS7 DCS. ES is used for configuration and programming of AS and OS systems and  for monitoring of  AS. Complete project was realized in PCS 7 tool  using CFCs (Continious Function Chart), program for the realization of continuous algorithms (processing the signal, interlock, PID regulation loop), SCL (Structured Control Language) programming language similar to Pascal for the implementation of non-standard automation algorithms, SFC (Sequential Function Chart), program for the realization of sequential algorithms. Approximately 250 real-time process AS objects (PO) were implemented during developing this project.


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