Refurbishment on Mining Machines Totally Damaged in Floods, KOLUBARA OPEN PIT MINE

In the heavy floods that have happened in Kolubara basin many mining machines was damaged. Most of installed electrical equipment was destroyed totally. After water pumping out, electrical equipment refurbishment started. In this moment most of works is finished and most of the machines are put in operation again.

Refurbishment of complete electrical system for following mining machines: mobile shifting devices MRS1 and MRS3, drive station of E3 BTD system, BRs/ ARs 1600 beltwagon 1 and beltwagon 2, bucket wheel excavator G-1 SchRs900.25 / 6, spreader Ars1400, drive stations for conveyors SU2,3,4,5 , drive stations for conveyors I.0,1,2,3,4 and dispatching center (17 projects in total). 

Design requirements were as follows: 
  • Supply voltage 6kV
  • 6 kV power cable with integrated optic fibers
  • SF6 medium voltage installations
  • Electro-motor drives with variable speed control on voltage 690V
  • Decentralized PLC configuration
  • TIA portal system for control, monitoring and visualization
  • Ring structure of the fiber optic network
  • PROFIBUS and PROFINET protocols
Previously totally damaged electrical equipment was completely redesigned and refurbished in less than one calendar year and machines are now operating again. Applied approach to the implementation of the project and the technical concept proved to be successful, giving good results in a short time. Experiences from this project will be applied in the future, for the refurbishment / modernization of electrical equipment on mining machines. 


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