Environmental improvement project in the Kolubara mine basin Project A – Procurement and Erection of ECS system for "Field C"Package A3 SPREADER
SPREADER 8800 is a part of complex investment project for a system consisting of a Bucket Wheel Excavator - Conveyor System - Spreader and Power Supply Transformer Station, all installed on the opencast mine "Field C" in Serbia. To increase the coal production capacity to designed 5 million tons of coal annually, a new ECS system with Spreader capacity of 8800m3/h loose mass, is put in operation on the opencast mine "Field C". Part of Spreader 8800 system is Tripper Car Unit which travels on the rail tracks of the discharge conveyor belt (Conveyor system). 

Mikro Kontrol as SANDVIK’s sub-contractor, provided detailed & as-built design, engineering, manufacturing, delivery, erection, commisioning and trial operation for all electrical equipment for the Spreader 8800 and Tripper Car.

The whole project has been done in period of 24 months. Before delivery of main parts of electrical equipment, FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) has been performed.

Installed electrical power for whole Spreader is 5,6MVA, 35kV. The console cable drum with slip rings is designed for winding and connection 35kV trailing cable (with optical fibres) with cables for supplying MV switchgear of Spreader.

The basic concept for placement of electrical equipment is in E-houses (containers) on Spreader’s superstructure, substructure, intermediate unit, tripper car unit. Two operator’s cabins at the receiving and discharging boom, with ergonomic design, meet the line of sight requirement for the operator. For the maximum level of reliability and availability, and for operation and maintenance convinience, State-of-the-art solutions and equipment are applied.

Belt drives, Travelling drives and Discharge Boom Hoist Winch drive are powered and controlled by frequency converter system ’multi drive’, with 12-pulse rectifier with chopper and brake resistor.

The control system of the Spreader is realized with PLC and distributed I/O units. A redundant network structure is applied in optical fibre level. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is installed to provide, in case of failure, proper shut down of the control system. Designed control system of the Spreader is realized to enable integration into supervising and control system for the ECS system and the whole opencast mine.


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