The first phase of „Crusher plant 2“ substation reconstruction, Kalenic

We completed the first phase of „Crusher plant 2“ substation reconstruction. The substation is a part of Crusher plant facility located on the esatern field in Kalenić. As a successful continuation of control and monitoring system reconstruction, which implemented DCS system, this project included replacement of medium voltage 6kV cells for direct/reversed start of medium voltage conveyer belt motors.

Within scheduled stoppage for maintenance, dismantling of old cells has been performed and with certain adjustments, installation of new cells with protection parameterization and commissioning has been realized. We have made detailed design, as well as some changes in software which were implemented into existing DCS system. New equipment, which is part of SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Motorpact series with SEPAM protection, has been integrated into DCS system for supervising and control of the Crusher plant. That equipment communicates with existing DCS PCS7 system through Modbus/Profibus adapter.

Delivered technical solutions provide advancement and improvement of production, energy saving, and well as reliable and safe work.



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