Power systems
In this area, MIKRO KONTROL engineers have great experience in projects of transformer stations and medium and high voltage switchgear in the industry, the hydro and thermal power plants and heating plants, including automation, protection and communication in power plants.
The subject of this work are two electric gantry cranes designed to work outdoors , to serve the hydro-mechanical equipment at the dam , the entrance building and mounting block HE "Djerdap 1 " to unload the equipment from the lock in a single-individual work and coupled- tandem work .
Project includes reconstruction and modernization of portal crane 2x110t+2x15t, as well as replacement of the entire electrical equipment and mechanical equipment partly.
The consortium of companies: „Remming” (mechanical works), and „Mikro Kontrol“ (electrical and control system works), within reconstruction of boiler room in Subotica heating plant performed adaptation of boiler room, production and installation of a RHW 35 hot water boiler with capacity of 35MW, with pipelines and implementation of control system. Within the project, existing boiler room was adapted
Control system of gas fired water type boiler VK6 58 MW at „SEVER“ heating plant, JKP Novosadska toplana" Novi Sad
Design of the new energy block, control system of the new heating plant
„RT Bor group – Copper Smelter Refinery Bor“, Control system for waste heat utilization (electric power production plant)
Control System of Gas Substation, NIS GAZPROM NEFT, Belgrade, Serbia
Control System of Oil Bunker Station Smederevo, NIS GAZPROM NJEFT, Serbia
During the 4th phase of Serbian heating plants rehabilitation project, which is financed by Federal Republic of Germany Government through KfW bank program, at JKP „Toplana“ Šabac in „Trkalište“ heating plant the three boilers were reconstructed by installation of economizer units. Remming company engaged us as a reliable partner for realization of economizer control system
The beneficiary's demand is not to exceed the concentration of flying ashes in exhaust gas chimney of ZASTAVA ENERGETIKA beyond the limits of 0.05 g/m3.
Mikro Kontrol performed complete electrical works for the new boiler room powered by natural gas. Performed work included electrical installations project, acquisition and delivery of equipment, cable traces routing and wiring peripheral devices, algorithm development based on predefined technological parameters, commissioning and performance verification in exploitation process.
As SIEMENS Belgrade subcontractor, MIKRO KONTROL delivered the control system of electro-filter ash and slag hidrotransport, which can control two lines for ash transport by electro-hydraulic valves, frequency inverters ...
This delivered control system maintain defined under pressure in boiler, with servo drive (jamming the air flow sucked in by the ventilator).
The point of a project was automation of a new coal furnace in which MIKRO KONTROL delivered and installed the complete instrumentation of the furnace: differential pressure, flow and level meters. Control system of the furnace is based on PLC, while system and commands parameters are operated by TOUCH terminal.
The transportation line for electro filtered ashes and cinder, hydraulically carries the mixture of water, ashes and cinder to a remote dump, 2 km away from the steam power plant.
Modernization of electro bridge crane located in HE “Međuvršje” included fabrication of distribution cabinets with appropriate frequency inverters for each drive ...
his system includes control of sliding gate MIOS (main upper input-output structure) HPS Bajina Bašta.
Mikro Kontrol has carried out the installation and released into production the frequency inverters on blowers of 75KW and on recirculation pumps
The system includes management of seven sliding gates that provide the implementation of cooling system on blocks 5 and 6 of steam power plant Kakanj.
Control system of boiler room on fuel oil consists of SCADA system, which with PLC carries out the function of tracking of temperatures, pressures, levels, pump operating and controls the operating of the burner, supplying reservoir, supplying pumps, ...


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