COAL FURNANCE VULKAN NIS Automation of a new coal furnace
Automation of a new coal furnaceThe point of a project was automation of a new coal furnace in which MIKRO KONTROL delivered and installed the complete instrumentation of the furnace: differential pressure, flow and level meters. Control system of the furnace is based on PLC, while system and commands parameters are operated by TOUCH terminal.

Benefits of control system in purpose of burning and steam producing regulation according to specified technological algorithm, are:

  • automatic transport  of solid fuel into its box (bunker);
  • regulation of filling the boiler with fuel,
  • regulation the supplying reservoir level,
  • regulation  the condensation reservoir level,
  • regulation  of boiler level, 
  • regulation  the underpressure,
  • regulation the pressure in the system (it is obtained by using frequency inverters)Automation of a new coal furnace

Regulation algorithms of the system were closed up in PLC which successfully lead steam producing, too, due to analog signals as:
  • pressure in the installation, pressure of the air (PID  regulating circle on fresh air ventilator), temperature of flue gases, temperature of water in the supplying   reservoir, water pressure in the boiler, underpressure in the fire-box   (PID regulating circle on flue gases ventilator), boiler level  (PID regulating circle of sypplying pump), flow through the boiler (position of servo-motor).


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