Control System of Gas Substation, NIS GAZPROM NEFT, Belgrade, Serbia

Scope of the work:
Selection, delivery, programming and commissioning of programmable logic controller and HMI visualization interface
Making of instruction manual, training for operators, delivery of entire attested project documentation
Technological task which control system has to realize is to keep defined temperature of the outgoing water in heating circuit

KGH applications with PXC 64 label, and the visualization and process interface were enabled
through PXM20 dedicated panel
Water temperature regulation was realized by delivery of regulatory three-way electromotive valves with VV F label and SKC actuator

nis_gazprom  nis_gazprom

Benefits for consumer:
Ensure security, minimize maintenance costs, increase availability and flexibility
Process parameters regulation is performed automatically. The system automatically regulates outgoing hot water temperature as a function of measured ambient temperature
Very fast detection and elimination of errors in the system, since HMI monitoring system enables visualization of the entire process, displays current and previous faults
Easy maintenance


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