FAS-FIAT AUTOMOBILI SERBIA, Design of the new energy block

For the purposes of the new plant, "FAS-FIAT AUTOMOBILI  SERBIA" in Kragujevaca completely new energy block was designed in accordance with the requirements of production and heating, part of which is a new boiler facility.

The existing equipment ("old" boilers), the total heat capacity of 31.7 MW, together with 3 new hot water,  membrane boilers, each thermal power of 50 MW, make a unique heat source of  total heat output 181.7 MW, nominal temperature regime 140/80oC.

Based on the settings of hydro-mechanical part of the project and the required conditions, the control algorithm is implemented with a constant flow rates in the network in 4 different modes of flow and sliding temperatures of returned  water  from consumers.

PCS7 DCSThis mode of heating plant control is characterized by:

  • easy control of the facility;
  • safeness in boilers work (feed water temperature higher than the minimum ones)
  • stability of the system in relation to possible changes in the work of heat energy submitted to the consumer;
  • in normal mode  the plant  works without recirculation;

Mikro Kontrol, thanks to the rich experience and successfully realized projects in designing, construction and commissioning of automatic control systems in various industries, as well as regarding the fact that it is the only certified solution partner of Siemens  in the field of process control systems (DCS Simatic PCS7) in Serbia, is identified and selected as a reliable partner for the realization of this control system. We justified this trust in the best possible way.

Description of the control system

Šema sistema

Control subsystem for AS plants was elected Siemens DCS (Distributed Control System) PCS7, with redundant CPU S7-417-4H. Also, the operator control subsystem (OS) is based on redundant servers; considering that the heating  plant is  in operation 24 hours, ie. power supply, signaling and control must not be interrupted,  system for measurement, control and monitoring is based on the usage of reliable process computer - redundant programmable logic controller (PLC).

For processing computer (PLC) it has been selected industrial controller of high reliability, insensitive to errors, designed with redundancy in type 1 of 2, so it remains available in case of failure of one of the subsystems; this is  "Fault tolerant system," and implies that all major components of a computer system are duplicated.

The operator stations network includes five client computers (two standard and  three with  "touch screen" display for local monitoring of control system of new boilers.

Engineering Station, combined with one of the client stations, was used in the phase of control and monitoring applications development  and its commissioning, and currently is used to maintain and upgrade applications.

The specific in designing of the control system is the fact that a unique system of control and monitoring should consolidate control subsystems from different manufacturers:

  • control and supervision of Weishaupt burners of old boilers
  • control and supervision of Oilon burners of new boilers
  • control and supervision of Auma valves with redundant Profibus interface
  • local control of new burner management system via a computer with a "touch screen" display

Unlike standard  tasks for control (valves, motor drives, regulations), that are richly supported  by  PCS7 libraries  (at level of AS and OS programming), given specific tasks demanded of Mikro Kontrol engineers  development of special software algorithms, communications, control and graphical display.

The scope of work done

OrmaniProject implementation of the new boiler control system by Mikro Kontrol  included the following phases:

  • Design of network communications
  • Operational design and as-built project of control system, including the precise definition of the control     algorithm
  • Expert assistance in equipment selection
  • Supervision of installation, delivery and connecting 10 fields  of distribution boxes in the MCC and control room; field types: power - energy, a field with PLC (AS),  computers and communication equipment, fields with decentralized peripherals, fileds with electric-motor drives of the pumps (by (frequency converters)
  • parameterization of frequency converters and Auma electricactuators, with commissioning
  • Programming and commissioning of control system

Following profile workers were involved in the Implementation of the work:

  • engineers in the design office and on the ground (2800 engineer hours)


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