“RAFINERIJA NAFTE”, Pančevo, Control system for cascading heat exchanger installed in oil refinery in Pančevo
The goal of controlling system is to:
  • carry out the temperature and pressure regulation in cascading heat exchanger of hot water conduit system following the PID algorithm, with feedback by temperature or pressure, selectively
  • provide automatic switching on and off of valves relevant for running the hot water conduit system
  • provide the monitoring of analog dimensions in numerical and graphical form: water level, pressure, temperature and regulation valve openness
  • provide to the operator the option to set the system parameters on-line: defining PID parameters, defining software limitswitches
  • for temperature, pressure and level
  • to provide the alarming system, meaning supplying a visual representation on the programmable terminal and simultaneously
  • sending the digital signal that will ensure an audio-visual notification for the operators in the other rooms

Hardware configuration of computer systemHardware configuration of the systemThe hardware part of control system consists of:
  • programmable logic controller (PLC) of OMRON company
  • supply unit PA203
  • processing unit CQM1- CPU45E
  • digital output module CQM1-OC222
  • programmable terminal (PT) of OMRON company NT11-S

The processing unit is equipped with 16 digital inputs, 4 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs. These analog inputs/outputs, are configured in such way to provide current inputs/outputs of 0-20mA, though they can be configured in a way to provide voltage signals from 0-5V or +-10V. Besides these, this processing unit has on it one RS232 port which serves for communication with programmable terminal and one peripheral port that serves for communication with programming console. The RS232 port can be used for coupling of PLC with PC-computer, more exactly software for application programming of PLC SYSWIN 3.0. The digital output module provides 16 digital output relays with maximal drop out voltage 250VAC/24VDC. All 16 outputs are connected to one mutual common. The interior consumption of processing unit, output module and analog output is provided by PA203 supply. 

The System’s Software ConfigurationThe software used in this application can be divided into two parts: the one used by PLC and the one used by the programmable terminal. The PLC software consists of system and applicative part. The system software is delivered by OMRON. It consists of the part not accessible to the user and it is situated in the EPROM of the PLC; and the part that is at user’s disposal and represents the tool for application development, PLC servicing. This software carries the title of SYSWIN 3.0 and has on disposal hardware and software protection. In the specific application, only software protection is active. Protection installation, use and protection handling, is described in details in the OPERATION MANUAL for SYSWIN3.0. The PLC applicative software is built by using the SYSWIN 3.0 The applicative software is a product of MIKRO KONTROL company.


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