ELIXIR GROUP Šabac, Control system for boiler room

Mikro Kontrol performed complete electrical works for the new boiler room powered by natural gas. Performed work included electrical installations project, acquisition and delivery of equipment, cable traces routing and wiring peripheral devices, algorithm development based on predefined technological parameters, commissioning and performance verification in exploitation process. 

Control system for steam boiler room is based on CJ2 programmable logic controller (PLC) platform, while the visualization and process interface are enabled through a color operator panel NB 5, and SCADA (CX-Supervisor) installed on a PC. All the mentioned elements are produced by a Japanese company, OMRON.
Technological task realized by this control system is maintaining defined pressure (9 bar) of steam used in the production process. To achieve constant pressure in the system, controller regulates burner load, water level in the boiler, supply tank and condensate tank, by manipulating water pumps and regulation valves, that enable process execution according to a technological algorithm.  

System is in control of multiple interconnected measurement-regulation loops; the most significant are:
  • Temperature control in the supply tank and condensate tank, through control of electromotive regulation valves located in steam-guiding pipes
  • Maintenance of constant levels in the supply tank, condensate tank and in the boiler, through control of electromotive regulation valves located in steam-guiding pipes and control of frequency inverter regulated boiler pumps
  • Constant water conduction control in the boiler, through control of regulation desalinization valve
  • Maintenance of defined steam pressure, through control of burner load

Control system unites all the safety functions of the boiler: high pressure and high temperature protection, low water level, no-water regime of pumps, gas ramp verification and burner group ignition control.

Project realization of control system for new boiler room by Mikro Kontrol includes these phases:
  • Elaboration of as-built project documentation and as-built design
  • Production, delivery and linkage of distribution cabinets
  • Performing electrical wiring in facility (cable routes, broaching and connecting cables)
  • Selection, delivery, programming and commissioning of PLC and HMI control system (functionality verification using SAT, FAT,...)
  • Development of instruction manuals, operator training, delivery of complete attest - project documentation

Advantages of implementation of control system are:
  • Security functions of system are integrated; predictability of process and failures is significantly better compared to other control systems
  • Process repeatability is very good, improving maintenance and regulation of process parameters
  • Error detection and removal in the system is very fast, since monitoring and logging of process variables is based on SCADA and HMI system, that enables visualization of the entire process.


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