ENERGETIKA d.o.o. Kragujevac, Control System and Electrical Works on Electro Filter Reconstruction

The beneficiary's demand is not to exceed the concentration of flying ashes in exhaust gas chimney of ZASTAVA ENERGETIKA beyond the limits of 0.05 g/m3. 

The method to limit the concentration is installing an electro filter. The peak value of direct output voltage is from 70kV to 105kV. The voltage regulation on the low voltage side (380 VAC) is done with a thyristor.The starting angle is adjusted, of anti-parallel connection of two thyristors, that are serially connected to the high voltage transformer’s primary. PLC, except that it generates the necessary starting impulses for thyristors and performs voltage regulation, also carries out the function of maintaining the initially set number of sparks per minute (maximally from 70 to 100 sparks per minute).


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