HEATING PLANT TRSTENIK , Energy Consumption Optimization in Heating Station
Energy Consumption Optimization in Heating StationIn the heating energy production and distribution system, an important contributor to power consumption are huge power electromotor drives of: blowers of fresh air (two per boiler, of 75kW power), recirculation pumps (one per boiler, of 45 kW power), and circulation pumps (four in the system, from which three in operation, of 220kW power). Besides the effect of reduction of total engaged power and reduction of peak consumption (logged with max graph device), appliance of frequency inverters on drives that directly or intermediately adjust some process parameter - heat, pressure, level of oxygen in flue gases, contributes to reduction of combustibles (fuel oil, emulsion, gas), increases the lifetime of drives, as well as protects the environment. All four contributions have its material value, especially in light of new regulations that govern the respective areas (changes in manner of calculating power consumption, changes in combustibles prices), while obeying the ecological standards, is not only our duty according to law, but towards the future that follows.

Mikro Kontrol has carried out the installation and released into production the frequency inverters on blowers of 75KW and on recirculation pumps, in heating station in Trstenik, at the beginning of heating season 2007 / 2008. Frequency inverters were installed on drives of two hot water delivery line boilers made by “Đuro Đaković”, of 35MW / boiler power. Inverters of fresh air blowers of individual boilers were placed in separate, while the inverters of recirculation pumps of both boilers were placed in same distribution cupboard. The existing distribution to blowers, pumps respectively, has been used. 

At the end of first heating season, 18% reduction of power consumption has been recorded, without control system malfunction (Investor's official data).


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