Automation control system factory to neutralize sulfuric acid, TIR Bor"ATB FOD" Bor

Within the contract Mikro Kontrol  realized electro projecting of control system of Plant for neutralization sulfuric acid, purchase and delivery equipment for automatic and instrumentation, making work algorithm based on the defined technology and commissioning with proving the control system performance.

Automation system is realized by programmable logic controller platform, Siemens type S7-300, which, using optic and eternet, is linked to central DCS application. Instrumentation used for measuring and regulation process variables is Siemens, Vega, Festo...Measured process variables are level, Ph measurement, Orp measurement...

The control automation system included
  neutralize sulfuric acid  neutralize sulfuric acid
  • Preparation of construction documentation, design and as-built project 
  • Selection, delivery, programming PLC and commissioning (proving functionality using the SAT, FAT, ..)
  • Delivery of manuals, training of operators, certification 


  • improved maintenance and adjustment of process parameters which affect the stability and reproducibility of the process
  • detection and correction of errors in the system is very fast, because all the irregular events, alarms and process values have been recorded.


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