Reconstruction of the pumping station IBRIFOR, EPS HE Đerdap

Pumping station Ibrifor is located within the EPS HE Djerdap system for maintaining the level of surface water and groundwater, which are the result of precipitation and backwater of the Danube in Kovin-Ivanovo.

In the maximum flow mode only one pump unit, with 250kW power, is planned to run. As a measure of redundancy, another unit of the same power is added. In order to minimize electrical shock to the power supply and mechanical shock to the hydraulic system of pumping stations, Schneider Electric’s soft starter has been installed for each of the motor.

Besides standard protection measures for this type of drives (overvoltage, under voltage, voltage asymmetry, overload, short-circuit protection, protection against minimum water level in the water well, etc.), advances in the system’s functionality have been made with the continuous measurement  of each motor winding’s temperature and pump units bearings.

Soft starters are equipped with Modbus communication protocol to provide connection to other control networks. All the important data and system status are transferred to the control unit. Also, selection of the place for system control and supervision (local and remote) has been realized.

      pumping_station     pumping_station


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