Control and energetics system of blowers drive revitalization in Water supply and sewerage Company of Novi Sad
Blowers control system is based on CJ2 programmable logic controller (PLC), manufactured by a Japanese company Omron. The controller is connected to the central SCADA application via Ethernet protocol. Electrical drives of blowers are driven by SOLCON (Israel-based Company) soft starters. 

The blowers system technological task is production of air under controlled pressure, up to 500mBar, to be used in washing process of filter fields.

Blowers can operate in both automatic and manual mode, and are coupled with central control system via communication lines, so that the operator can see all the relevant parameters of the process, which include:
  • Air flow towards filter fields during air-cleaning and combined process in air-water cleaning
  • Signalling to other parts of cleaning system, to enable quick response in case of disorders of blowing process

Extent of finished work and benefits for the customer:

  • Elaboration of project documentation, executive design documentation and as-built design 
  • Production, delivery and linkage of distribution cabinets
  • Performing electrical wiring in facility (cable routes, broaching and connecting cables)
  • Selection, delivery, programming and commissioning of PLC (attest of functionality –SAT, FAT...) 
  • Manual making, training for operators, entire attested project documentation delivery

Benefits brought by control system are:
  • Improved maintenance and regulation of process parameters so the process is repeatable
  • Very fast detection and elimination of errors in the system, since monitoring and recording system of process parameters is based on Ethernet communication with a superior system.


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