JKP NAISSUS, Niš, Monitoring-Control System of Pumping Station “Krupac”

Anew pumping station was built, with an intention to pump additional water quantities during cycles when water levels in fountainhead »Krupac« drastically decrease. The pumping station provides additional 300-400 l/h of water. This is a pit type station with two wells approximately 100 m deep. One pump of 250 kW is installed in each of the wells, followed by its accompanying frequency regulator.

The pumping station is locally controlled from the main switchboard of the electro motor drive or remotely from the commanding control center of the old pumping station. The remote control in manual operation mode is anticipated to be performed from the command-control switchboard. In the automated mode, the commands are issued by a PLC, based on one of the three defined operation mode algorithms: (1) operation mode based on lake's water level, (2) operation mode based on water flow (3) operation mode based on water level in supreme reservoir. The designed remote operation mode via PLC, allows full system flexibility for all operating modes. Water quantity tracking towards consumers is also made possible.

Favorably, the new pumping station brought an increase in water quantities. The applied frequency regulator substantially reduced the power consumption. The graph verifies that the committed power for 140 l/h flow is around 95 kW; it is only about 40% of nominal power that would be spent in the event when this flow would have been accomplished by repressing the pipeline.

The control system consists of two PLCs and two frequency regulators, a SCADA computer, measurement instruments as well as of other accompanying equipment.

Monitoring-Control System of Pumping Station “Krupac”

Monitoring-Control System of Pumping Station “Krupac”

Monitoring-Control System of Pumping Station “Krupac”


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