“Voda Vrnjci” Vrnjacka Banja , Mineral water wells remote control and data acquisition system

The state of art technologies in  the control system and communication field provides customers with reliable, efficient and comfort operation of their production plants. Decentralized and distributed control periphery is a perfect solution for remote wells, where the all-time operator presence is not necessary; their engagement is needed only during inspections, mode of work changes and maintenance; alarm states are monitored and logged at factory SCADA system, which provides fast response time and easy diagnostics.

Mikro Kontrol was engaged for electric design, delivery and commissioning of the mineral water wells remote control and data acquisition system; two wells are located at Novo Selo, and one at Borjak, each of them is about 3km far from the factory. At the central command room the SCADA system is established, and it communicates with distributed PLCs over optical cable (Ethernet)  and GPRS network. The SCADA provides simultaneous monitoring of well plants, alarming and data logging.

PLC controls well pump and force pump, together with associated valves; at the same time it collects signals from level, pressure, flow transducers. The speed control of well pump regulates  water level at the compensation reservoir, while the speed control of force pump regulates  water pressure at pipeline which leads toward the factory.



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