WATER FACTORY CUPRIJA, Monitoring-Control System of Water Plan

Monitoring-Control System of Water PlanRaw water driven by gravity comes from capped fountainhead "Klisura1", "Klisura2" and Nemanja1" trough the flow meter into the collection basin, where water pre chlorination takes place. From the basin the water is directed into a chamber with a fast and slow mixer in which, thanks to dosage of Choa-Flocc, the particle coagulation and flocculation takes place.
From the chamber the water is directed to five open filtering fields with double coated filling. To each filtering field 6 pneumatic valves with electro magnetic activation are attached: raw water valve, first filtrate valve, sewerage valve, washing water valve and air valve for washing filtering filling, as well as pure water regulation valve. In filtering fields the level is continuously measured and based on this signal, as well as based on the signal of pure water regulation valve openness, level regulation is performed based on initially set value. In case of filling dirtiness, manifested through level rising, although the pure water valve can be fully open, the automatic washing sequence gets activated. In this sequence, besides the mentioned valves, also are taking part the air regulation valve in compressor station, washing pumps and blowers for shaking the filler. 
Monitoring-Control System of Water Plan

The filtered water passes driven by gravity into the pure water basin. From there, driven by gravity, it goes towards the consumers. In the pure water reservoir, the level is also monitored. From the pure water basin, the servicing water for washing the filtering filling and for main chlorination is provided.
The water for filter washing is directed into the retention basin, where the mud is deposited and the deposited water is returned into the purification process by the recirculation pumps.
The output water capacity is 100 l/s. The guaranteed quality is in accordance to legislative standards.

The line’s control system is implemented with Omron’s PLC, a touch panel and SCADA application. 
The operation modes are selected on the panel and some of the automatic sequences starting is performed from the panel too (filtering sequence and automatic washing sequence). During work, correction of relevant process parameters is possible (specified level, specified openness of regulation air valve, working times for washing pumps and blowers). 
The SCADA application provides the complete facility monitoring, in form of synoptic schematic and numeric indicators of process values (raw water flow, levels in filtering fields, positions of regulation valves for pure water and air valves in the compressor station, the level in the pure water basin and retention basin, chlorine residue). The working history of the facility (values of technologic parameters, alarms) is saved in computer’s memory and if necessary, it can be inspected later.


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