Water Factory - Indjija, Delivery of Pressure Preservation System in Water Supply Network

The delivered control system carries out the following demands of technological process:

  • filtration cycle of water that passes through the filtering facility
  • filter cleaning cycle based on demands from the differential pressostat or based on filter’s operating hours
  • automated control of electromagnetic pneumatic valves; these are executive organs for filtering and cleaning process (cleaning with air, cleaning with water, draining,...)
  • switching of well pumps, dosage pumps and throughput adjustment, based on system demands
  • dosage of KMnO4, chlorine, PaCl in dependence of throughput and dosage pump control for the enumerated substances, with analog signals generated by the PLC
  • pump replacement, taking care all pumps to be equally worn out
  • pump and entire system protection from dry run, over pressure, current
  • fire protection function i.e. in case of fire, water is delivered into factory (normal filling operation mode stops, the system switches to fire protection mode, pumps work with maximum throughput, i.e. maximum rotation speeds)



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