WATER SUPPLY AND SEWERAGE, Novi Sad, Control System for Sewerage Pumping Station “No. 7”

Control system consists of :

PLC which, based on the input signals from the floating buoys (water level in the reservoir), motor protection signal (under voltage, over current, humidity breach,...), directs the water pumping from the reservoir, taking care to turn on the necessary number of pumps (totally five), in dependence of the actual water level and also taking care to switch the pump sequence activation in each cycle. PLC also directs the process of time tightening between the pump activation, as well as taking care to limit the number of simultaneously active pumps to four.

Touch terminal - On the operator panel, the user can monitor all synopsis of pumping process, from the pumps running hours, presently active alarms in the system, alarm history, the instant water level in the reservoir, the cause of individual pump drop out, all up to counter resetting and setting the lead pump starting.


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