WATER SUPPLY SREMSKA MITROVICA, Monitoring Control System for Dislocated Facilities Based on GPRS Communication

In order of water supplying system better functioning as well as for more efficient use of water resources in water supply system of Sremska Mitrovica, an automation system has been delivered that covers control and monitoring of the following locations:

  • Sremska Mitrovica, Jarak, Matrinci, Veliki Radinci, Bešenovo, Šuljam, Grgurevci, Ležimir, Šišatovac, Mandjelos, Divoš, Čalma, Laćarak, Kuzmin, Sremska Rača, Bostut, Šašinci, Ravnje

Control system consists of following entities:

  1. Commanding control centre KKC that is placed on the location of water plant in Sremska Mitrovica where two SCADA systems have been delivered (one for control of water plant, and the other one for control of peripheral dislocated pumping stations and reservoirs)

  • Control and monitoring system of water plant

  • From well complex, with well pumps the water is transported to the reservoir of crude water, through an aerator into the purification field filter. There are 12 filtering fields that filter the water that comes from the aerator reservoir and transport the water through the chlorinator to the reservoir of clean water. Each filtering field has valves for crude, clean water, first filtering, sewerage, air, water, that are directed by electro pneumatic distributors.

  • The filtering field has level measurement in reservoir, position of butterfly shutter of clean water (position), pressure, throughput towards the city, chlorine level in water, measurement of water turbidness that the PLC accepts and undertakes specific action in order to preserve the enforced operating algorithm of the factory.

  • Cleaning of filtering fields with air, water, is carried out using nozzles, pumps that switch on automatically during operating cycle

  • Filtering fields have two operating modes which are filtering and cleaning (in automatic mode and manual operating mode).

  • SCADA is installed on PC, that is carried out this way that it can enable the operator to set operating times of pumps that pump the air, i.e. pumps for cleaning with water, maximum levels, minimum levels, ...

  • The operator on SCADA software can monitor the instant levels in the reservoirs, the instant valve openings of clean water, active alarms in the system, the turbidness of detached filter field...

  • SCADA automatically logs all relevant data of water purification thus the technology engineer can later print the reports of chlorine level, water level in the reservoir, throughput, pressure on delivery pumps towards the city,...

  1. Control system of GPRS regulation of dislocated water supply system facilities (pumping stations, reservoirs,..) provides the following:

  • GPRS communication with central system in KKC SCADA and with all remote locations

  • Data acquisition from the reservoirs, pumping stations and controlling the switching on, switching off of pumps, based on the signals of level, throughput, pressure

  • full coverage of all locations in water supply system with GPRS system

  • reduction of intervention costs on the area covered by GPRS that extends to around 70Km, through visualization of chlorine level in reservoirs of chlorine pumps, alarm states of water supply system

  1. Pumping stations in water supply system                            water_supply_sremska_mitrovica                                      

  • PLC controls the process of water distribution toward town and integrates the following functions

  • Switches on the well pump dislocated in well and transports the water towards the reservoir in pumping station, monitors the signals of probes for operating protection from dry run in well, the signal of probe of maximum and minimum water level in reservoir, and overtakes earlier defined operations in case of appearance of these signals

  • Switches on horizontal pumps that pump the water from the reservoir and transports it towards the city, taking care of drive protection, sequence and operating times of horizontal pumps, providing equal wear out of pumps

  • Switches on the chlorinator in dependence to requirements of chlorine in the system

  • All relevant signals sent by GPRS communication to superior system in KKC

  • Based on the signal received from pressure transmitter, controls the frequency inverter that maintains the set pressure by switching the horizontal pumps , i.e. managing their throughput (revolution speed of pump drive)

  • Controls the soft starters that take care of the process of soft start and soft stop of well pump, limit the starting current, taking care of drive protection, and the mechanical system of the axe of the pump itself, (with soft start there is no mechanical impact on axe)

Control system is located on territory of water supply system of Sremska Mitrovica and has been carried out by Mikro Kontrol company.


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