Mikro Kontrol official Channel Partner of Yokogawa Serbia

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After four years of successful cooperation and significant number of joint projects, Yokogawa Serbia and Mikro Kontrol are setting the cooperation on a higher level through Chanel Management Program. 

Mikro Kontrol will be Channel Partner of Yokogawa Serbia in the local market with a focus on certain industries Mining, Metals, Water, Power and Food & Beverages. 

With this new agreement, both companies aim to have the benefit of the synergy and can give to their customers new solutions and services.

Look at the whole announcement.

Address in Germany

 Körner Hellweg 65

 44145 Dortmund, Germany

 +49 151 15569584


Address in Serbia

 Vase Pelagića 30

 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

 +381 11 / 3699 080

 +381 11 / 3699 939






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